Improwise Sustainability Consulting works with clients to bring about change and innovation within organisations, with a focus on environmental management, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. We provide advice and support through research & consultancy, the development and delivery of training programmes & short courses, and through the application of Solutions Focus Coaching.

Areas of focus include:

  •     Environmental management systems, ISO14001, BS8555
  •     Sustainability appraisal and management
  •     Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  •     Carbon management & climate change strategy and implementation
  •     Policy development, management programmes, and systems auditing
  •     Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  •     Environmental accounting & life cycle analysis
  •     Innovation for sustainability & change management

Improwise Sustainability Consulting draws on a wide range of expertise, and experience of working with hundreds of clients in the private and public sectors.

Improwise Sustainability Consulting is a division of the Improwise Group, which seeks to assist organisations in bringing about change and innovation.

Welcome to Improwise Sustainability Consulting. We have been working extensively for many years with businesses in a wide range of industry sectors, with regional, national and international government agencies, and with organisations ranging from SMEs to large corporates and multi-nationals. The growing agendas of corporate responsibility, sustainable development, climate change, environmental and carbon management, have led to unprecedented opportunities for innovation and change. As a result, we have been engaged in identifying solutions and new opportunities enabling organisations to take a lead in the development of new products, services and markets, at the cutting edge of the emerging low carbon economy. Proactive organisations are simultaneously ensuring legal compliance, reducing costs, enhancing profitability, and making significantly positive improvements to the environment and society. We are delighted to be working with a diverse range of clients internationally, at the cutting edge of this burgeoning area of work, through consultancy, research, coaching and training initiatives.