Improwise Jazz & Innovation

We work with organisations around the world, exploring cutting-edge approaches to innovation, change and leadership, and with a particular focus on what we can learn from the skills and insights of world class improvisational jazz musicians. It involves live jazz, fused with the latest research and practice into improvisational behaviour, creativity, breakthrough innovation and transformational leadership.


Our sessions draw lessons, practical guidance and inspiration from the practices of improvising jazz musicians. The sessions look at a wide range of skills and behaviours, which underpin the ability to bring about innovation, change and transformational leadership.

Our sessions provide a series of novel demonstrations of skills and behaviours for innovation, creativity and leadership, through discussions and interactions with a jazz quartet. Many examples of good practice are explored, enabling participants to delve deeply into cutting-edge practices, enabling them to reflect on their own abilities and performance, and to adopt new and enhanced behaviours and skills to bring about disruptive innovation and transformational leadership.

Our novel inspiration is the premise that, if we understand more about how jazz musicians communicate, innovate, manage risks, work together, create and sustain change, support and lead one another, then there are valuable lessons for us all, as individuals, teams, and organisations.

We design and deliver bespoke sessions for leadership development programmes; in-company training and coaching workshops; and specialist sessions and keynote presentations for conferences.  



Improwise Sustainability Consulting

We work with organisations in all sectors, helping them to bring about change and innovation, with a specific focus on environmental management, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We are well known for blending leading expertise in environmental and sustainability disciplines, with our unique insights into disruptive innovation, behavioural change, and transformational leadership for sustainable development..


We work with organisations in all sectors, designing and delivering environmental and sustainability consultancy, research and training programmes. We also provide one-to-one and team coaching to support wider organisational development programmes.  Our areas of work include:

  • Environmental management systems, ISO14001, BS8555
  • Sustainability management systems
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Carbon management
  • Climate change strategy
  • Resource efficiency & environmental economics
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Leadership for sustainable development
  • Change programmes for sustainability


global leadership initiative
Improwise Global Leadership Programme

We take individuals and groups to Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, Colombia and Venezuela, to work and share expertise with local communities in urban and rural locations. These programmes focus on leadership development and corporate social responsibility for the participants, and provide practical support to local communities.


Our programmes give participants the opportunity to experience life and work in the developing world. We work with you to design a programme of learning and action. The people who join these programmes will share their knowledge and expertise with local communities, working with individuals, community groups, small businesses, local NGOs and others.

Our programmes are focused on:

  • Providing participants with a unique experiential leadership development programme, in areas where local economic, social and environmental conditions can be challenging.

  • Enabling participants to review their environmental and social footprints, looking at the impact of their own organisations and practices, especially through the supply chain. This part of the programme enables a deep review of your organisation’s ability to control and influence positive and negative impacts, as part of your organisation’s strategy for sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

  • Providing practical support to local communities, working with local partners and seeking to build on our ongoing programmes, which have impacts on areas including local economic development, health and education. Our local partners and communities appreciate the support and learning associated with our visits.  


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